ACS 2010 5yr Data Table Query Tool

This tool requests user-specified data from the Census Beta Discovery Tool API, specifically from the ACS 2010 5yr API. A Perl script is used to request the data from the API and parse the resulting JSON data files, including metadata. A standalone script, with comments on how to interact with the API (but without the HTML) can be found here.

This tool is a very simple demonstration of working with the Census Beta API. Geography selection is limited and the output geography is not decoded. Table definitions were simply extracted from the variables.json metadata file.

    Select a Table and Geography below.
    Check the "variances" checkbox if you would like to see margins of error.

    Select Table:

    Select State:

     By County (ignored if State="ALL")

     Include Variances

    After submitting, be patient. The data request from the Census API may take a few seconds.

Possible future implementation ideas:

datafugue, LLC
                 datafugue, LLC