DC Statistical Consulting


We are a small company in the Washington, DC area providing statistical consulting and data science programming services to primarily government clients. Founded in 2014 by Ali Mushtaq, who has been a Statistical Consultant in Washington, DC since 2002. Our clients have included the Census Bureau, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Dept. of State, the Millennium Challenge Corporation, and the Dept. of Interior.

Custom Solutions

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Datafugue is in constant demand for our expertise in providing custom programming solutions to clients. We develop automated statistical routines, creating highly efficient applications that perform analyses on big data in reasonable time. Products produced for our numerous clients include fast-performing tabulation software using parallel processing, an accounting application producing automated sample estimates from audited financial records, fast-performing clustering algorithms on large Administrative Records databases, and software to apply disclosure avoidance techniques to sensitive data.

Administrative Records and Record Linkage

Administrative records research is gaining more prominence in survey statistics given the current trend of decreasing response rates. The Census Bureau is increasing the role of Administrative Records in the decennial Census and its annual surveys such as the American Community Survey. Datafugue is involved in this effort, helping to develop the Administrative Records Linkage software. Datafugue developed the deduplication algorithms used at Census to perform fast, efficient clustering of several sources of huge Administrative Records databases.


Census 2020 and the American Community Survey

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Datafugue supports the Census Bureau by developing highly efficient statistical software to process, tabulate, and analyze the nation's richest data sources: the Decennial Census and the American Community Survey. The 2020 Census will be the first to incorporate the Internet response mode, and will make more use of Administrative Records than any previous Census. The challenges of preparing reliable and high-performing statistical software applications for the Census Bureau will be the main focus of our work through 2021, after which Datafugue will be in demand as one of the foremost experts on the recently released Census Data.

Survey Statistics Research

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Our projects include research in survey statistics. We invented novel techniques to detect fabrication in survey responses for the Dept. of State, applied new weighting adjustment tools to improve survey bias in international surveys for MCC, and developed the sample and estimation methodology used by Dept. of Interior to perform a historical accounting of Individual Indian Monies. Our statisticians publish, present, and teach.